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About Delectable Mountains

The idea for Delectable Mountains came from a wonderful lady, Lela Satterfield.   She was the worship director of a Methodist church I was attending at the time.  She was also in charge of all the children’s musical programs.  Lela is a very talented musician, singer and teacher.  Her children’s musical plays are beloved at the churches she has worked at.  Because we’re both creative people (thus sometimes a little odd) we became close friends.  She’d talk to me about writing music and her plays; I’d confide to her about writing novels.  It was probably because of all those long lunches that it occurred to me that a children’s play at a church would be an interesting setting for one of my books.  Now, the biggest problem was I didn’t want to harm children in any way.  Though I’ve touched on child abuse in one of my novels, I’ve tried to be careful about not being graphic.

So I knew I was treading on thin ice.  She started rehearsal on a new play and I observed from the back pew from first auditions to final production.  I had to tell you, I was on the edge of my seat most of the time!  Picture trying to not only keep track of forty or so kids, teenage helpers and also teach them music, dialog and keep everyone happy.  She was incredible and, of course, the musical play “Pilgrim’s Progress,” which she wrote, came off without (many) hitches!  I also wanted to delve further into Gabe’s background so part of this story has to do with his long lost cousin.  Lela and I have both no longer attend the Methodist church where we met, but we’re still close friends and, I hope, always will be!



This tattoo belongs to the husband of my good friend, Laura Ross Wingfield. Wes kindly allowed me to show you this photograph of his very sexy tattoo. I modified it a bit in Delectable Mountains when I gave it to Hud, but Wes' tattoo was my inspiration.


Here I am with Tina at a corn maze in New Hampshire.  This is actually the third corn maze I've gone through in the last year.  In Delectable Mountains there is a corn this was research!  (Thank goodness Tom was with me and Tina at this one; his former Air Force navigator experience came in handy!)

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