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Benni Harper

About Tumbling Blocks

San Celina's most exclusive society suddenly has an opening, and Benni Harper has been tapped -- not to join, but to investigate.  The upper-crust, female only "49 Club" is restricted to exactly that many members, and one must die before another can join.  When the latest socialite de-pledges in her sleep, Benni's queenly boss, Constance Sinclair, wants answers from the police.  But they've just shrugged cranky Constance's inquiry off--and, naturally, it's landed on Benni's to-do list. 

Reluctant at first, Benni agrees to profile a few club hopefuls whose social ambitions give them an obvious motive.  And it's not long before Benni recognizes that there may be some deadly truth to Constance's suspicions.  But with a famously reclusive artist about to put Benni's quilting museum on the map--and her daunting mother-in-law soon to arrive-- Benni's holiday is already hectic.  Nevertheless, she'll need to crack this exclusive circle of suspects before another gourmet goose gets cooked...

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