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Boo's Story

Boo at five weeks.  

(There are more pictures at the bottom of this page.)

Boudin (pronounced Boo-dan) is more than just a type of Cajun Sausage...

He is: a Pembroke Welsh Corgi (tri-colored - black, brown and white)

Born: April 17, 2004

Weight: 9 3/8 ounces (last of a litter of nine) Came home: June 26, 2004 Mother's name: Precious Taz Father's name: Shorty Fusano His AKC name: Shorty's Precious Boudin We call him: "Boo" or "Hey, stop that!"

He loves: Cheerios; wadded up paper sacks; chase the stuffed bunny; sitting on his beach chair; and sleeping on his back.

Boo's Story

Allen and I had been thinking about getting a dog for a few years.  The last time we'd owned dogs was eighteen years earlier when we lived in a house with a large yard.  When we moved to Orange County to get closer to his job, we could only afford a townhouse without much yard.  So we put off getting a dog.  But Allen and I both grew up with dogs and missed having one.  We probably would have gotten one sooner, but I got published in 1992 and have been writing and traveling so extensively that I didn't feel I'd have the amount of time a dog needed.  (Allen tends to work about 60 hours a week also.)

In 2004, Allen and I both turn fifty (he's nine days older than me).  I figured if I was going to get a puppy, it better be while I still could survive the initial sleepless nights (hey, menopause brings on insomnia anyway...) so we started doing research, which is, as a writer, my favorite thing to do.  We wanted to get a purebred dog only because we wanted some predictable traits since our living space is fairly compact.  It was hard because I like big dogs.  Allen's less picky and would basically take any kind of dog.  We figured a Corgi was a good compromise since they are a small to medium dog (25-30 lbs) with a "big dog" attitude (hmmm...sounds like the women in my family...I'm 5'2" and the tallest of my three sisters and no one has ever called us timid when our hackles are up.) As a matter of fact, our petite mother always had the attitude "Walk tall even though you aren't."

So I started emailing breeders in May.  The problem was I needed to get a puppy within a certain time period, right after I got off tour and before I went on tour for the quilt book in November.  No one had any puppies.  This was before my booktour in May.  So I told Allen, "Okay, when I get back from tour, we'll go to the humane societies and just let God pick our dog.  There's a dog out there for us somewhere.  He or she will come to us."

I went on tour with that plan.  On booktour in many of the cities I have what is called a "media escort."  She or he takes me to my booksignings, sometimes picks me up at the airport, takes me to interviews and radio stations, just whatever my publicist has planned for me.  They are almost always wonderful people who love authors and books.  Some of them a writer instantly connects with and the busy and stressful day is made that much easier because you are spending it with someone who is fun to talk to, knows the city and gets you to where you need to go with efficiency and comfort.

In Seattle, my media escort was a wonderful lady named Tina.

(Also my webmaster's name...I always see anyone named Tina in a positive light as I've never met an unpleasant Tina!)  Tina, the media escort, was a retired Spanish teacher.  We had a great time driving around Seattle, talking books and everything else under the sun.  During the day I happened to mention my desire for a dog.

"What kind?" she asked.

"Well, we wanted a Corgi, but..." I went on to explain my difficulty in locating someone with a litter.

"Oh, I love Corgis!" she exclaimed. "I grew up with Corgis.  And, you won't believe this, but my cousin, Missy, raises Corgis.  As a matter of fact, I think she has a litter that was just born."

"That's wonderful," I said. "But Seattle's a long way for me to go to pick up a dog. And I don't feel good about flying one down."

"No," she said. "She doesn't live here. She lives near Camarillo!"

Well, that shocked me because Camarillo is only two hours north of me. (Missy and Joe actually live in Santa Rosa Valley, in the hills above Thousand Oaks--Camarillo is about ten miles further.)

"Call her right away and tell her you want one," Tina said that night at my signing after she'd checked with Missy and found out there were puppies available.

So there I was the next morning in the Seattle airport on my way to Spokane, calling Missy and asking her to save a puppy for me.

"I'll be glad to," she said.

We saw the puppies for the first time when they were five weeks old. I had a signing in Thousand Oaks at Mysteries to Die For.  Afterward, Allen and I went to Missy and Joe's house to see the puppies.  There were eight who came running to meet us (there were actually nine in the litter, but one died.)  A congregation of Corgis!  I have to admit, I was instantly attracted to Boo because one, he was the first to get to me and two, he was the only tri-colored one.  I have a special liking for tri-colored dogs because I fell in love with my friend, Bunny's, tri-colored part Border collie, part Catahoula hound, Buck (he's a character in Broken Dishes).  But we played with all of them and tried to keep an open mind.  They were all adorable, of course.  Each had such unique markings and were such sweet dogs.  Missy and Joe were excellent puppy parents!  Tina had told me that Missy loved her animals and that was obvious in how much they adored her!  We took pictures and agonized over the next few weeks about which one to pick (we had third pick...there were some people who had a choice before us.)  We visited them one more time, took more pictures and agonized more.  I secretly hoped no one would pick Boo (whom I already named!)  I guess it was meant to be, because he wasn't picked and we took him home on June 26th.

So, that's Boo's story. I do believe God had him all picked out for me and Allen...I just had to go to Washington to find out where to get our dog!  I'll forever be grateful to Tina for being the catalyst in find Boo and to Missy and Joe for being such wonderful puppy foster parents!  And, Boo did become a character in Tumbling Blocks.  Much of what Benni went through was what happened to me!

Click on any picture below to see a larger view.

pict0649.jpg (6440 bytes) Boo's ears are finally up! Those of you who have ever ridden/owned Arabian horses...his ears flick and turn like theirs do. Nothing gets by this tiny radars!
pict0655.jpg (6582 bytes) Here's my two favorite boys! (And my magnet covered refrigerator). Boo actually likes being held by Allen better than being held by me because his arms are bigger. Boo weighed 9 pounds when we got him and is almost 20 pounds now!
pict0687.jpg (13006 bytes) Boo sleeping.
pict0692.jpg (5932 bytes) Compare this picture to the one I took before his ears came up. Boo hates having his picture taken so this was a lucky shot. When he sees my camera he goes right underneath my legs so I can't get a good shot. Smart doggie!

I couldn't resist taking this picture. The sign translates to "Look Out! Bad Dog"

This is June 26th, the day we picked Boo up to come home.  He made the three hour trip like a trooper with very little whimpering.
You want me to go where? (That's Allen's leg)

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