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In 2006 I received an email from Vivs Laliberte telling me that Bear's Quilt Shop (10722A Trask Ave, Garden Grove, California) was starting a Benni Harper Mystery Club. They met once a month and discussed my books. The club decided to make me a quilt that represented all my book titles, including Tumbling Blocks, which comes out in May 2007. They discovered that one of my favorite patterns is the Schoolhouse pattern. Vivs designed the Schoolhouse pattern that cleverly incorporated each of my book title patterns and each square was made by someone in the club. It was expertly quilted by Russ Clelland.  They knew that my next Benni Harper book after Tumbling Blocks, will be called State Fair, they decided to incorporate that pattern into the quilt also.  They came up with a wonderfully appropriate name for this quilt "School's Out for the State Fair." They did manage to get State Fair in the quilt!

Here's what is embroidered on the back of the quilt:

"School's Out for the State Fair" presented in Grateful Appreciation to Earlene Fowler by the Benni Harper Mystery 
Club at Bear's Quilt Shop, Garden Grove, California
Designed by Vivs Laliberte Quilted by Russ Clelland

Blocks Pieced by Club Members:
William Johnson, Vivs Laliberte, Russ Clelland, Roxanne
Reeves, Nancy Healey, Melinda Grace & Candy Hoffstatter

THANKS to all of the members of the mystery club and to Bear, Russ and Vivs for their enthusiastic and heartwarming support for the Benni Harper books. You guys are the best! 

For more information about the shop and the marvelous classes and products that have to offer, see


    Here I am in front of Yoder, Kansas hardware store.  The town of Miller in my book, Kansas Troubles, was based on Yoder.  I went by Pretty Prairie to say howdy and have dinner with my old friends, Joyce and Darrell Albright. Had some great chicken fried steak at the cafe in town!


     Here are my friends and webmasters, Tom and Tina Davis, and me, being tourists in Vermont.  (Yes, we took the Ben and Jerry ice cream tour that day.)  We didn't realize until after we took the picture where the Viking's horns were, but we thought it was so funny, we saved it. 


     These are my friends Bunny Brown and Bonnie Haskell with me in the middle of fixing fence on Bunny's ranch above the hills of Coalinga (near Fresno, California).  It was very cold that day, as you can tell by how bundled up we were.  At our feet is one of Bunny's five dogs (Tuffy, I think).

     Here's me and Margrit Hall at the C & T Publishing Company in Concord, California.  This beautiful quilt hangs in the lobby.  The folks there are just marvelous and did a wonderful job on our book. 


     Here's a picture with me, an orphaned calf and my good friend, Joy Fitzhugh, who owns a ranch up on the Central Coast.  She's been a great source of information for me and we just flat out have fun on her ranch!


     Here's the last picture I had taken with my Gramma Webb.  We'd just eaten lunch (fried chicken and blackberry cobbler!) and were sitting on the front porch of the restaurant. I don't even remember what we were laughing about.

     Here's a picture of the log cabin-style Parkfield Inn.  Inside the main room (where all the quilters set up their sewing machines) there's a stone fireplace, heads of long horn cattle and buffalo on the wall and a wagon-wheel style chandelier.  The rooms have handmade beds and the inn sleeps about 20 people.  A great getaway in beautiful Monterey county!

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